Easy to use

We have developed our system so that it is a breeze to use and very intuitive.

Search Engine Optimised

Our system offers a solid foundation so that you can optimise your website effectively.

Elegant Designs

We believe websites should be a breeze to navigate but also representative of your brand.

Mobile Friendly

Our sites look great on all mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktop computers

Fast & Secure

Our system is lightning fast, reliable and UK based giving you peace of mind.

Fanatical Support

Speak directly to one of the technical team. We are very understanding and happy to help.

Does your website get found easily, Impress visitors & increase enquiries?
uBranch client on a laptop

Not all websites are built equally.

Your website should be easily found online and fighting tirelessly for new customers. Maintaining a successful website requires effort.. but a lot of times those efforts are undermined by the poor system your website is built upon.

Indecision from too many decisions!

Compounding the issue is usually a lack of focus when it comes to managing a website. It's easy to be overwhelmed due to the sheer variety of "hints", "tips" and "tricks" that can help to improve your website.. ultimately a choice is never made.

Your Website, Our Values

All of our clients sites are built upon a lovingly hand crafted system designed and developed with no compromises. uBranch has been built in the UK by developers, user interaction designers & search engine experts who deeply understand the UK web market.

No Technical Debt

Maintaining a site can be a costly experience. It's not unusual for developers to charge triple figure monthly maintenance plans! Because of this cost it can be a financial no brainer to not maintain a site. This is not only risky but you are setting yourself up for a large cost in the future.

Free updates forever!

uBranch is an ever evolving systems and our clients can take advantage of this effortlessly. uBranch flexes and changes elegantly. When Google releases an update we have already checked and implimented the best options. We believe in being proactive rather than reactive.

Who can benefit?

Our system is best suited for small - medium sized UK businesses that require an online presence to attract new clients or to simply showcase their work.

Do you have a website?

If you have a website already we can handle content migration and best practises to make sure any search engine benefits currently gained are not reset.

Who does your site appeal to?

As the web has evolved so have browsing habbits. Visitors get frustrated if they can't find what they are looking for easily, if your site doesn't instantly appeal to them they will leave.

Visitors Appreciate:

  • Relevant, Skimable Content
  • Clear Formatting & Hierarchy
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Clear Contact Details

Understanding Search Engines

Google is the main player in the search engine world. Google is a recommendation system that wants to connect it's users with the most relivent information they can. The way Google ranks your site can be simplified to 4 key values.

Search Engines Appreciate:

  • Page Content
  • Site Speed
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Other Quality Websites linking to your site

Can you trick Google?

The days of tricking Google are over (if you value your business). In the early days of Search Engines it was quite easy to craft a page into a better position than it deserved. However now with such complex algrhythms that are constantly changing it's best to focus on creating a high quality site that only benefits as Google improves their recommendation service even further.

When Google releases updates the sites that suffer are the ones who are trying to cheat & get a free lunch. This only benefits the sites that are following best practises and creating a valuable business asset.


We offer an easy to understand package with no hidden extra's.

  • £60 One off Setup Fee
  • £15 Monthly Subscription (Paid every 3 months)
  • £30/hr Bespoke Customisation (required if you'd like a bespoke design).

What you get

  • Unlimited Email Support
  • A site with easy to update content
  • Access to all Help Guides / FAQs & Training Resources

Getting Started

If you'd like to discuss how we can help you and your business grow online then we'd love to hear from you. We have a bytesized* approach so that becoming our client is an enjoyable experience.

No technical knowledge is needed and we have no minimum contract. If you have an existing site that you'd like us to review please mention it in the form below

*Alex think's his computer joke is funny

uBranch client on a laptop
Very easy to create your website without any technical know-how